Today: The Kushu Kushu Scarf

My Mom has left to go home to California, so my plan for the day is to console myself by sitting on the couch with Ollie, watching Lord of The Rings (he knows it all by heart) and starting on Habu’s Kushu Kushu scarf kit.

The kit has intrigued me ever since I first saw it, because it is knit from two yarns — superfine merino and a metal yarn that is used for industrial purposes like making internal organs for cars.  They are both whisper fine yarns, and it’s going to be an interesting knit because it’s knit on different sizes of needles throught, all much larger than I would expect for these yarns, and then lightly felted at the end.

Here it is.


It’s a rainy day outside, so I’m photographing on the dining room table, which means you can’t really tell that one of the yarns is a very dark charcoal and the other an equally dark shade of aubergine.

The Japanese pattern writing style is very different from ours and I was a little bit worried about it, but having looked it over, it seems very intuitive and logical.  You get a big sketch of the finished item, with directions starting at the bottom which say things like:


which means knit five rows, increasing 1 stitch at the end of the fifth row, and repeat 3 times.

It seems quite easy as I look at it.  I hope that holds out!

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