Ze new name of zhis blog, you silly humans, will be "Harry Makes Art."  No more Joyce.  We need no humans.  Cats now have their own crate of art supplies and will be making their own cat-art.

Really.  I found him, just like that, in my travel crate of art supplies.  I’m getting ready to leave for a week long business trip to visit my knitting peeps  in St. Louis (ok, actually  for my day job, but I do hope to spend a little time with some knitters).  Harry decided to hang with it.  He’s been chewing on some strips of molding and rolling the little jars of gel medium around.  He’s so cute when he’s not busy being a teenager!

So, I’m off in the morning.  Ellie has dressed up Samanatha, our newest Blythe doll to come along with me.  Lots of yarn is going out in the mail (you know who you are).  Here is a picture of a bit of it all dyed up.


The Rowan Anise sweater is done–I have just one side seam to finish.  I’m afraid my worst fears have materialized and it’s too small.  I should have done the small, not the extra small.  However Ellie is triumphant because it looks great on her, and she seems pretty certain it is going to be hers.  I’m torn between repeating it for myself in the bigger size or doing a Kim Hargreaves pattern, Tess,  in Big Wool for me.

Since there’s not much going on around here, I’m going to leave you with my youngest cousin, Gail’s, blog for the week.  She’s a brand new blogger and an amazingly creative soul.  Go see her Oh Jan dress in progress, her incredible garden, and my favorite post, the pictures of her Dad working on his knitted quilt.  Oh my!  I’m taking a bit of extra yarn, left over from some favorite projects, along on my trip to knit a few more squares for him!

Have a fun week!

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