An Early Valentine

My wonderful artist friend Kathy McElroy has an online group for mail art, and it is one of my favorite groups to participate in.  I love working on a collaborative envelope and seeing how all the stamps and splotches the Post Office adds in become part of the artwork.

We’ve had a Valentines round robin going for several months now, with the oversized enveloped circulating from artist to artist (there is nothing inside, it’s all about the envelope) and mine came home this morning.  I love the eclectic mix of styles — it results in a feeling of Victoriana in my mind.

This is the front of the envelope.


and here is the back.


Isn’t it wonderful?  Thank you so much to all the artists who contributed!

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2 thoughts on “An Early Valentine

  1. Yes it’s wonderful and one of my favorites. I think it’s suitable for framing. Everyone did such a great job on this.

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