Karen Owen is not just one of my dearest friends, she is also one of my favorite artists.  I am always in awe of the beautiful work she creates.  So it was a special challenge to receive her book first in the colors round robin.  Her colors were a beautiful range of browns and greens and the book was so wonderful — sort of like stepping into the notes of a bird watcher who had isolated herself in a deep forest to observe.

I had a lot of fun working in her book and trying to step into her shoes a little bit.  The background is a stamp we bought together, while I was in Georgia, and she took me to her favorite stamp store.  It was fun using it on the page.  Lots of fun went into this, including the key on the lower right page, which is made from some Paper Whimsy Grungeboard — my first experiment with it and the coffee stained tag, which my five year old thought was no end of fun to make.

I hope you like it Karen!

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  1. Joanne is right! I do love it! Joyce, you did an amazing job, but I’m not surprised. Also thank you for the very kind things you said about me, my dear friend.

  2. In case you miss this:
    Okay, ladies and gentlemen, start your creative juices. Let’s reallllllly do this! Sign up now until March 23 for the Blythe (Heart) Animals (that’s supposed to be a heart symbol), or you can read it as: Blythe Loves Animals. Email me at hpsgsmith@hotmail.com to indicate your participation. (I’ll let Joyce know).
    We won’t know how many pages we will need to make until we see how many sign up. It will likely be around 20 4 inch x 4 inch pages (front and back) There should be at least something on the back, color plus your contact info, but the back can be fully decorated.
    Let’s say 20 people sign up-20 people each make 20 pages and send them to our hostess + 1 for charity. Then each person gets back a nice, cute, full, cool little “fat” book with 20 different pages in it. Perhaps only 7 people sign up, then each of those 7 people might make 3 pp for each person for a total of 21 pages + 3 for charity
    We will ‘swap’ pages, and in the process, create one additional book to be auctioned for charity (probably through ebay) with all proceeds going to fellow artist Bernie Berlin for her no-kill animal sanctuary http://aplacetobark.blogspot.com. If you are not familiar with Bernie, please check this out. She is a well-known artist with a published ATC book that many of you may have seen. She also works tirelessly to rescue, save, rehabilitate and place abandoned and injured animals (mostly dogs).
    Once we see how many people, we will have a separate announcement about where to mail your pages, likely to Gina or Heather or Shoshannah. We may have one person bind the books and another person handle the charity book. There will be a nominal cost for binding and return postage-around $5 give or take. Again, this will depend on size.
    We would like to receive finished pages by May 20, 2008. You may do all originals OR you may make an original page and then make color copies, which you would then embellish and finish off nicely with such things as brads, flowers, glitter, rhinestones and other 3D elements. You can check the photo album, files and database for examples and more info.
    This is a great way to use cute pictures, photos, drawings, etc. of Blythes with real animals, stuffies, Japanese Kawaii animals or whatever you want: Blythe as Veterinarian, Blythe as dog walker, dog lover or something more abstract.
    Any questions, just ask!! Please email to sign up!

  3. this is lovely Joyce! I can’t wait to see it in real life. I am sure it will mean even more knowing that one of her dear friends made it especially for her.

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