Off to see Mickey!


We’re off tomorrow morning!  I’m taking our two little kids for their first visit to Disney.  There is a lot of excitement in our house tonight. 

I’ve got to finish packing.  The clothes were easy, the knitting is hard.  I think I’ll take yarn to start Juliet.


I found one of my favorite yarns, Rowan’s Soft Tweed, a wool/silk blend, on sale for 60% off, so I picked up enough gray for this sweater, with some lavender and oatmeal for Meathead hats and perhaps a baby sweater.

In addition to Juliet, I’m taking my Shibui socks, and maybe my Manos shrug.  I’m hoping for a little bit of time for mommy to relax, amidst all the excitement.  I’ll see y’all next week!

One thought on “Off to see Mickey!

  1. Joyce, have fun and when you get back check out the yarns I found and wrote about on my blog. Let me know if you want any. There’s no way I’m going to put it all to good use.

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