Still More Disney

No commentary tonight, just a few pictures for Dad.  We left around 7:15 this morning for Disney’s Hollywood Studios (the renamed MGM Park), skipped the lunchtime nap, and didn’t leave until after the big Fantasmic Show ended at nine.  Shockingly, Ollie is still awake, running around in his new Chinese PJ’s with a sword playing Power Rangers (you’ll see why below).  Tomorrow, Epcot — Princess Lunch, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and who knows what else.  I’m going to bed!








5 thoughts on “Still More Disney

  1. These are great photos of your vacation and I love that you’re posting them. I think you’re going to need a vacation to rest up from your vacation when you get back home.

  2. I just loved looking at all your Disney photo’s. I bet you all had the time of your life. Ollie and Ellie looked like had a fabulous time. Love Ellie’s face painting photo, beautiful! Have you recovered yet?

  3. I have so enjoyed all the shots of the kids experiencing Disney , I just love it for them! It sounds like you’re showing them the time of their lives and that’s just so cool. TFS this with us!
    I want to take mine in the worst way now lol.

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