The Death Of The Kushu Kushu Scarf


Do you realize what that is?

Yes, I’m aware my bathroom is embarrassingly dirty and I should not, under any circumstances, be showing it off.

But that is my freaking Kushu Kushu scarf, previously one of the joys of my life, now a tangled shard of its former self.   

I woke up.  I went for the shower.  It took me a moment — what was it?  The realization dawned upon me.  The scarf, which I had carelessly left lying out in the dining room.  The skein of metal yarn, nowhere to be found.  The skein of merino had apparently come along for the ride and at some point become detached from the scarf.  Was this before or after it was hopelessly tangled?  The evidence gave up no such secrets, but I was intent on finding a culprit.

Ollie claimed total innocence and quite frankly, this is not his style.  Plus, he worships knitting and would never harm it.  Personally, I suspected one of the Judge’s dogs, but they were nowhere to be found.

There was this


She seemed a little bit too obvious though — sort of like the red herring  suspect on every episode of Perry Mason I’ve ever seen.  And you have to applaud her good taste in snoozing with the Manos Silk (currently in search of a shrug pattern, so feel free to chime in if you have a suggestion).


Hmmmm…..he could have been faking it, but look at how sweet Harry is.  Plus, his style would have been to carry it upstairs and proudly drop it in my lap before insisting I feed him for the second or third time that morning.


I’m guessing that this is my culprit.  He was sound asleep when I walked it, but jerked upright with that deer-in-the-freaking-headlights-guilty look on his face when I asked if he knew anything about the Kushu Kushu scarf.  Guilty.

So, no Kushu Kushu, at least not until I manage to get back over to Atlanta and replace my yarn.  I’m sad — a few rows on this scarf here and there has been one of my guilty pleasures.  And reading the Japanese patterns seems very intuitive to me, particularly this simple one.  Good by my lovely Kushu Kushu.  I’m going to miss you.

I turned instead to the two works in progress that seem to have priority status at the moment.


This is the front of Ollie’s vest, and although I’m somewhat less than overjoyed with the fact that by double stranding the Debbie Bliss silk/merino I insured that several stitches along the way would have that mashy, not-quite right look, Ollie loves this and I’m going to finish it up so he will get to wear it before the hot,  full sun of Alabama summer takes over — probably sometime in Mid-April, so I need to finish this up over the weekend.


The Shibui socks are close to done!  I’ve got about a sock and a half now and I love them.  I’m actually fantasizing about finding the perfect pair of shoes for my socks.  I love how knitting adds new dimensions to my world.

8 thoughts on “The Death Of The Kushu Kushu Scarf

  1. Very sad news about your scarf.I’m sure Ollie will love the vest. The socks are very cool and I look forward to seeing the shoes you buy to go with them.

  2. I’m sorry about your scarf.
    I ordered my Kushu Kushu Scarf kit directly from Habu Textile in New York. They were really nice and it was mailed and received promptly. If you don’t see yourself going to Atlanta shortly, that may be an option.
    I didn’t enjoy knitting it personally, never felt comfortable on the needles. By I knit it for my mom and she loves it. Here she is wearing it:
    A shrug is a lovely idea for the Manos. Yummy!

  3. I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor over this tragedy. Consider it excuse to buy more yarn. Judy

  4. Ah , Joyce – somehow we are linked in a sort of Karmic way. I came home to a disaster that no-one in the house will ‘fess up to either – isn’t that interesting??? The dh claims he was watching cats and kids like a hawk , but I’m thinking he’s confusing them somehow with Nascar , coughcough. . . I feel for you lol. But I tagged you for a blog game anyway (snicker) – you’ll need to pop by mine to view the rules and I’m really looking forward to what you come up with! (I really hope you’ll play).

  5. I gasped when I saw the former scarf! It gave me flasbacks of a hat I had to bury when my puppy decided to play with it…

  6. Hadyn was just asking me about your twin maine coons. Our sweet MC gentleman is getting up there in years and dd is anticipating getting a new kitten in a few years. Your two are just stunningly beautiful.

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