Black And White

Lauren Finley's book in the colors round robin is black and white.  She did a beautiful watercolor portrait in black and white on the first page, and wrote, in a beautiful calligraphy, "As simple as black and white."

It was obviously pretty simple for Lauren.  Her beautiful illustrations and silhouettes float across the pages she made.  And I loved the idea.  I adore black.  I adore white.  What could be easier?

Turned out, it wasn't so easy.  The book stared up at me for days, and the days turned into a week, and still inspiration didn't hit.

This weekend, I've been scanning some of my favorite images and photoshopping them to use at Art and Soul.  And finally, it hit me.  The collage came together with some fabric and vintage pearl buttons, along with words from a 1961 tract on caring for a newborn, "mother's love, generously given."

Lauren's book

Mother's love

Aren't those beautiful words?  They come from the booklet my Mother-in-Law was given when she brought the Judge home from the hospital.  I hope that is how my own children will look back on their childhoods.  It really was pretty simple after all.

3 thoughts on “Black And White

  1. Joyce, you did it! And it’s gorgeous! Laurie will love it. I’m having the same sort of block with Joanne’s red. You’ll be up next with that one. How are you with red?

  2. Joyce, this is absolutely beautiful and the “mother’s love, generously given” is also how I hope my children feel even now that they are young adults. (I keep asking them “remember when…?”) Your composition is great and the girl sewing a button on (that’s the way I see it) is appropiate. My Mama sews and Grandmama taught me to sew as she made me doll clothes. Another example of mother’s love.
    Thanks so much. And I am 50 years old today!!!

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