Getting Ready For Art & Soul

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  I know I usually blog a lot on weekends, but this weekend, I've been dyeing fabric and ribbon (in between childrens' birthday parties) to get ready for Art and Soul in Hampton, Virginia, the first week in May.  In addition to getting the supplies together for the classes I'm taking, I'm putting together supplies for the class I'm teaching, Dyeing to Collage, and trying to put a few things together for my vendors table.

I've been putting together some little packets of my hand-dyed ribbons for the fabric artists to play with.

Vintage ribbon

I've also been dyeing some fabric for my own use, and have been overdyeing some black and white fabrics as well, to use in fabric collage.  I seem to be on a purple streak right now, and I really like the results.  I'm hoping to find time to do some fabric collage this week.


I haven't forgotten my knitting.  I guess the gray knitting is the counterpart to the purple fabric.  The Gothic Scarf is growing longer.


I'm also about halfway down the neckline of Juliet.  Strangely, when I went to my LYS yesterday, another woman was knitting Juliet, and had just finishing binding off the sleeves, so I got a preview of the fit — I'm doing this in a size medium for a slightly looser fit — and I think it's going to be perfect (okay, I always think that until I realize I'm a disaster at gauge, but a girl can hope, right?).

Is it just me or do the Knit Picks option needles wear your hands out?  I love the flexibility the give me, but my right hand really starts hurting after just a few of these 200+ stitch rows.  I'm hoping to get the bodice of Juliet finished down to wear the lace starts, and then work on that as my airplane knitting on the way to Art and Soul.

Start of juliet

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Art & Soul

  1. My sister just sent me a scarf done in the checked pattern like in your scarf. You will be happy to know that I picked up a boatload of knitting needles and a knitting basics book (at two different thrift outings, how coincidental is that?) and I’m going to try it in the next few days. If I don’t get the hang of it, my sister is visiting next week and promises to get me knitting within 15 minutes!

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