Going Gothic

I took some time out tonight from dyeing and rinsing and otherwise getting fabric and silk ribbon ready for Art & Soul to participate in one of my favorite weekly artists' inspirational challenges, the gothic arch challenge.  I love working in this framework and even though I'm busy, busy tonight, I decided to steal away a few moment to complete a simple one.


This week's theme is Paris, a city near and dear to my heart, as I spent a great deal of time there while I was going to school in Germany.  It took me a long time to warm to the French and especially to Paris, but I remember the exact moment.  It was an incredible moment of generosity.  Two friends and I were walking to the train station after a weekend in Chartre.  A man, working in his front yard, pruning his trees, cut us a large branch from his cherry tree and handed it to us, motioning that we should eat the cherries.  The cherries were delicious, the gesture of friendship irresistable, and by the time we returned to the station and were on our way to Paris I was convinced that France was a fine place to be.

The image of the little boy perched along the (horizontal) Eiffel Tower is one of my favorites from Karen Owen's wonderful collection of collage sheets.

Now I'm leaving Paris and returning to dyeing fabric.  I've been working on Kona Cotton tonight (and prepping some silk jersey and organic cotton yardage) and using my multi-bath crackle dye technique.  And please, knitters, don't be afraid that I have abandoned you — I'm working on the colorway for May's Sock Club yarn, which is a delicious blend of Suri Alpaca and Blue Faced Leicester.  I added 15 new Club slots today — 10 three month slots and five for the six months of yarn.  There are still a few left, you can sign up for one here.




8 thoughts on “Going Gothic

  1. Lovely Gothic Arch (love Karen’s boy leaning across the Eiffel Tower). And your crackle dye is absolutely enchanting.

  2. Joyce, if you are going to keep posting photos of these amazing dyed silks, I might have to stop visiting or I’ll have a heart attack. Then, you and you alone, will be responsible for my untimely death. Should this happen, I hope guilt overwhelms you so you’ll send some pieces to cover me in my burial so I can swim in it for eternity! 😉 In the meantime, if you decide to sell some of these in your store, you know who your first customer will be.

  3. Hi Joyce……thanks bunches for your wonderful comment. I hope all is well with you 🙂 Love this arch. Love the dark hues you used on it. Looks great with that cutie pie face of an image. Of course the fabric looks great.
    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Joyce, this is amazing! I’m sorry I’ve missed it until now. What a stroke of genius to lay the tower on its side and place to boy on it. Thanks for using my image too!

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