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My last class at Art & Soul was an assemblage class with Michael DeMeng.  He was a fabulous teacher — I enjoyed his attitude towards power tools (ooh look, sparks, cool) and his advice about mixing paint colors.  Since this was my "stretch" class — making a piece of art using an electrical outlet is pretty far out of my box — I didn't feel any pressure to perform and just enjoyed myself.

At the end of the class, Michael puts everything out on a table, and puts on a spontaneous art show, including critiques.  This was very entertaining — he was kind but insightful.

This is my more abstract piece.  I had made a little kidney bean shaped soldered glass piece in one of Sally Jean's classes, using the glass over the dictionary definition of assemblage ("a collection of people or objects"), think it might come in handy for this class.  It did, although I have since regretted the foofy piece of tulle at the top of the hanger, and removed it.

Michael with my abstract

Interestingly, it's one of very few pieces of art I've ever made that the Judge liked.  Or at least, didn't look at and shake his head while saying "I don't get it."  You take what you can in my house.

My second piece was a bit more inside my box, using the images of a bird and woman, along with a piece of bamboo Ellie and I cut down in the backyard last summer (note to self: cut down lots more bamboo this year).


One of the best things about this class was being in it with Lou, (the sadly blogless) Judy, and Joanne.


Judy brought the best stuff….and, she shared!


Lou made a really super piece.  It was so wonderful — the colors and the shape were so appealing you wanted to crawl inside of it, although there was something about it — maybe just a hint of discomfort — that made you slightly uncomfortable, like you needed to keep looking at it to make sure you weren't missing a hidden message.


I'm incredibly sad that I didn't get any photos of Joanne.  She went after big chunks of metal, using the power tools, with great abandon.  Sparks flying everywhere!

This class was lots of fun and a perfect end to a great retreat.

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5 thoughts on “A last little bit of Art & Soul

  1. Michaels classes are always fun. That is so funny. My husband loved the piece I did in his class too. It’s the only time he has ever commented on anything I have brought back from these retreats. Men!
    Taking these classes with friends make them all the more special don’t they!

  2. I am hugely jealous… Michael’s book was my favourite of all the art books I bought last year, I have re-read it over and over.
    I would LOVE to take a class with him – but we need to persuade him to come to England first (he’d like it here, lots of old junk :))
    Your pieces look fantastic, you must be pleased with them. It’s always tremendous fun to do something really out there.

  3. That looks like a day you could just cut loose and create! I love your pieces. I think taking the piece of fabric off the hanger was the right decision. Just let the metal speak for itself.
    Did Michael play good music during the day? I’ve heard he does that.

  4. Thanks for posting my piece, Joyce! Loved yours too-wasn’t that a fun class?!!!!
    Except for my brief relapse of the itchies…!!!~Lou

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