Dyeing To Collage

I had a wonderful time teaching my Dyeing to Collage class at Art and Soul.  It was my first time teaching at this retreat and I could not have had a more gracious, fun class of students.  This was especially important, since it was an overflow class.  Everyone had lots of interest and energy and the fabric that everyone dyed was stunningly beautiful.

We worked with Procion MX dyes on cottons, rayons, and silks.  We also dyed ribbons and trims.


Despite the surprise of finding that the staff had not covered the floor in our classroom, we managed to put together a couple of drop clothes and get to work.

It was fabulous watching everyone's sense of color and fiber come together.  De dyed beautiful velvets (with help from Gracye, who applied color to fabric with abandon and got stunningly beautiful results with vibrant color).


Elizabeth's faux shibori piece was incredible.


Denise's was too!


This is Gracye's crackle dye piece.


And my dear friend Judy, who took my class to make sure I had moral support (and snacks to keep up my strength) dyed some wonderful pieces, including her trims, which I didn't get a picture of, and this vintage linen napkin, which is going to be the perfect background for a collage piece.


Susi did this wonderful piece — far more beautiful than I could get a picture of using my cheapie travel camera in the low hotel lighting, but just stunning.


I wish I had taken more pictures and gotten some of everyone's work in photos!  It was all so beautiful and the range of colors was lovely.  I had students who never left for lunch so they could just keep dyeing and students who ran out for a quick bite and were back in ten minutes.  That meant that the whole afternoon was full of wonderful surprises, every time someone rinsed and ironed a piece dry and we got to see the results.

It was a fabulous day and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to dye with such a wonderful room full of talented women!  There were quilters, collage artists, and wearable art people and it was fun to discuss the diverse backgrounds and uses everyone was planning on putting their fabrics to.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's fabric books, purses, art quilts and more over the coming weeks!

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8 thoughts on “Dyeing To Collage

  1. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and got gorgeous results! Wish I’d been there.

  2. Who wouldn’t have enjoyed a class of such cool things to do with such a knowledgable teacher!

  3. simply amazing pieces and of course they all had a blast I can see and knew they would!! I am so thrilled for you and sure wish I was there!! way to go!!! will have to try some fun things on my yarns too!!hugs Linda

  4. Hi Joyce–what a great surprise to see the photos from our class posted! I had so much fun in the class! I’m still exhausted but very happy I went to Art & Soul this year. Haven’t decided what to make with my fabric and trims yet but I’ll definitely send you photos.

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