More Soldered Charms

I've discovered that my little desk in the kitchen is perfect for soldering.  One day soon, I hope to have my studio back to some semblance of order and clean off one of my counters as a designated soldering station.  But, I've committed to decluttering the house before the studio (what a mistake!), so for now, I will have to be happy soldering in the kithcen.

Here is my most recent batch of charms, after they were taped but before soldering.

Charms before soldering

I've been getting in lots of practice, and my tape is so much better!  I look at some of my first pieces and just laugh.  And, the soldering is smoother and more even now.  I think this is is definitely one of those skills where spending thirty minutes to an hour a day really pays off.

Here are the fronts of the charms after soldering.



And here are the backs.  I seem to be finding inspiration in the most unusual places, like old Boy Scout Manuals and children's books.



I've cut some pieces of glass into funkier shapes, so my next experiment will be seeing if I can makes some cool little charms to use in my collages.

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11 thoughts on “More Soldered Charms

  1. Joyce! YOu are getting so good at this! And besides the soldering, your mini-compositions are lovely. Okay, quit practicing so much until I have time to practice more. Just teasing. I’ll just send you all my stuff and let you solder them.

  2. They are beautiful. If you have any extra you should put them in your etsy shop. I would love to have one.

  3. These are beautiful Joyce…I agree…you should put some in your shop, I would love to own a piece of your art as well!

  4. how lovely! I am getting the sneaking suspicion that there is no art form you cannot master!

  5. Joyce, these are great and all really unique. I haven’t soldered in quite a while. I’ll have to give it another go soon. I am curious though… those little glass pebbles… when I tried doing those, I had extreme difficulty getting the tape to stick down. I’d burnish the heck out of it and have it all down tight and smooth but when I soldered them, the tape lifts off and the entire soldered part separated from the pebble like a little silver shell. I could not, for the life of me, get this to work. There must be some trick but I even have Sally Jeans book and went by instructions and I can’t get it to work. 🙁

  6. Your charms are…charming! Great images and words. And how skillful you’ve become!

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