A Simple Saturday

We're having a simple, low-key, Saturday here.  After years of walking around, looking sort of frumpy and dowdy, I decided I needed a wardrobe redo.  So, I've cleaned out closets and baskets, given tons of clothing away, and this week, with a bit of spaced cleared out in my tiny 1920 sized bedroom closet, I went whole-heartedly into wardrobe restoration.  I think it's been a complete success!  I have new jeans, new tops, and even a pair of hot pink espadrilles Ellie picked out for me.  To finish it off, the two of us had a visit to Sephora today.  I can't say I'll wear my new eye make up every day, or even most days, but the two of us had lots of fun together!

On the way to Sephora, we stopped in at Alabama Art Supply, my all time favorite art store, to pick up some colored pencils Ellie needed, for her amazing drawings of little girls (I need to borrown them from her and some point, so I can scan them and share them with y'all.  She is a truly amazing artist).  I decided to get a few things for Ollie too.  I had an amazing yard sale find — a sweet little oak child's desk and chair in immaculate condition for next to nothing.  The Judge and I have been trying to motivate him to work on his letters and numbers, and until this desk arrived, nothing was working.  But he loves the desk.  I got him some markers and new crayons, and then, Ellie and I had the idea of making him a little sketch book to use at his desk. 

When we got home, I cut up some paper and bound it, and added a sweet little cover with his name on it.

Ollies book


He has been at his desk ever since I gave it to him, writing and drawing.

Here are my two favorites so far:  (1) He drew the solar system — six planets going around the sun, and he named them for me, from the outermost inward.  How did he know that?  When did my baby get to be so smart? (2) He wrote what looked like an incomprehensible string of numbers on a page — 2244485510.  "That's nice Ollie," I said.  He looked very excited.  Then he explained two plus two is four, four plus four is eight, and five plus five is ten.

Wow.  All for a few minutes invested in putting a little book together for him!  I can't wait to see what he will do next!

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4 thoughts on “A Simple Saturday

  1. I discovered your site on Zoran’s site (I think it was). I plan to check out your art further. I like what I’ve seen so far. I am featuring your site as “creative site of the day” on my website.

  2. Ollie’s Book is a great idea! I am going to steal that for my Michael, because he needs to work on his letters and such, too. Of course, I will need to put a train on the cover of his book. Thanks!

  3. I agree with Joanne. I want to see the new you! Ollie is very smart. Good for you to find a way to help him focus.

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