Technical Difficulties

As many of you guessed in the last post comments, we've been off on vacation.  (More on the winner when we get settled back in — I liked the comments so much I thought I would send something to the most accurate poster  and the most fun one as well).

I thought that despite the absence of internet coverage in our cottage, I could post using my Iphone — it seems to access the net no matter where I am.  And, I thought I was posting while we were gone.  Apparently though, the posts hung up somewhere in never never land.  I'll have to try to recapture them and show you vacation knitting later this week.

In the meantime, here is a bit of what we did — probably my favorite part of our trip.


This is what a giraffe looks like, coming in through the sunroof on a minivan.


Here is the Judge, having a close encounter with a steer.


And, rare vacation pictures of me, here feeding a llama (and wondering if he would let me stroke his coat — he didn't).  Below, I'm feeding a buffalo.  Can you believe that tongue?  And wow, can they drool!


The kids absolutely adore this last-day-of-vacation ritual.  They love feeding the deer, seeing the tiny baby warthogs, and they particularly enjoy their dad clowning around.


Thanks for indulging me with this splurge of family photos.  Back to knitting (I made progress on Juliet and the Debbie Bliss Shrug, and cast on another baby sweater) and art later this week.

3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Looks like you went to that place in S. GA – Wild Animal Safari. I was there a long time ago and seriously, you think the animals are going to get in the car with you!! Great pics!

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