Swedish Fish Socks!

Oh my but it has been busy around here!  Five days a week of Nutcracker Ballet rehearsals are kicking my bu**.  So far, homework is getting done — more or less — but getting into the routine of grabbing take-out for dinner as I leave work and meeting Ellie at the studio so she can scarf down dinner between classes and rehearsal has been tough!

Knitting time is good — I should have more progress pictures of the Manos Silk Shrug over the weekend.  I'm also taking conveniently scheduled Pilates and Ballet (for the first time in a decade – ouch) classes, which, while cutting into said knitting time feel healthy and strong and wonderful.

Pssst…..Wanna see some sock porn?


Remember a couple of weeks ago at my Thursday yarn stocking, I also offered a couple of slots for sock yarn purchasers to have their socks custom knit by Renate of Nana's Woolies?  Renate just sent me this photo of the first pair she knit up — this is the Swedish Fish colorway on a Bamboo/Merino blend.  Renate is fast!

I've finally managed to get caught up on some dyeing and have stocked lots of new sock yarn at Elliebelly, including some seawool (seacell meets merino) in the Tree Frog colorway, which is available in stock for the first time — no stalking necessary!  Organic Merino and the pretty twisted-ply Merlin Merino will be stocked Thursday at noon, just in case you don't already have enough yarn sitting in your house and need more.  (Just face it, you need more). 


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