So We’re Off….

The boy and I are off and looking forward to seeing a few New England colleges.  I'm also really looking forward to seeing the child who has already flown the nest and is going to school up there and meeting with his teachers and caregivers.

Hopefully if you are reading this, I am happily knitting away while we fly.

I'm going to start with arm two of the Manos Silk Shrug.  Here is the first arm — the arm that would not end.

The arm

I am not making this up — the more I knit, the shorter it gone.  It was incredible.  And the full arm is actually bigger than the fronts of the shrug, combined.  Just miles of stockinette with not a lot of interest, even at the decreases and shaping, but it is really pretty.  So on to arm two.

In the meantime, I lost the last two balls of this yarn and ran out yesterday to replace them.  Then, I promptly found the time I thought were lost.  This yarn is so pretty that I'm hoping I will have enough left over to do a little shrug called Miho for Ellie to wear at ballet rehearsals. 

The Barn Raising knit quilt I mentioned in my last post really took over in my imagination, and I quickly skeined up some sock yarn I have been hoarding for some time — not quite enough for a pair of socks but perfect for this quilt — to take along.  This is my Nadia colorway.

My nadia yarn

I also dyed up a couple of ounces of another colorway I want to include in the quilt to take along and can't wait to see how the squares look.

Finally, I can't resist showing you how the mohair yarn from yesterday, the yarn I'm going to use with the handspun coiled yarn for my scarf, looks after winding.  It's so pretty.  It is all the colors in my little cottage garden right now.


It has been so hard deciding what to take along on this trip.  I'm anticipating lots of time to knit while in meetings and such.  Even walking out the door, it occurred to me that there was the cardigan I wanted to start for Ollie….  Patience is the lesson I continue to learn from knitting, but I still wish there was more time!

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