At Random: What’s In The Studio?

Contrary to rumor, I do actually make it into the studio these days for a little bit of light work.  I've also been trying to make many of our presents this year, which has been a lot of fun.

Here's a little random round up of what is going on in the studio right now.  I walked around and snapped pictures of all the works in progress.


I've dyed some roving for friends who spin.  It looks so pretty all wrapped up into balls!  Hmmm…..have you seen the big yarn ball ornaments at Starbucks?  This picture makes me think I should decorate with big red and green balls of roving.


I'm almost all done with soldered charms/ornaments that I started out doing as teacher gifts and liked so much I decided to do them for some of my friends, as well.  I spent a lot of time at ballet rehearsals putting together mini-collages, and really liked the results.

I've also tried some experimental soldering, including this not finished bottle, which will be aged with a patina after I finish the decorative soldering.


I've made the little fairy charm to solder onto the front of the bottle.  This picture also shows a couple more of the Christmas charms


Finally, I've been working on a few scarves.  My favorites are the crushed velvets, which I crackle dyed and then embossed.  It has been a while since I did embossed velvet, and it never fails to amaze me.  The scarves didn't photograph well, but you get the general idea here.


It's about time for me to move onto the wrapping/packaging/mailing stage.  I have no idea where December has gone!

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4 thoughts on “At Random: What’s In The Studio?

  1. I think your December went to The Nutcracker. In the meantime, you have made an abundance of beautiful things. I agree with you that the balls of roving would make beautiful ornaments. I love the velvet scarf. Your friends will love their soldered gifts.

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