Please Go Vote For Me On Spoonflower!

I'm so excited!  Spoonflower has selected a fabric I designed to be in their weekly contest!  Please go and vote for me here.


I'm so excited!  When I designed and ordered this fabric for a project I was doing, I thought it was one of the most exciting bits of crafting I had done.  I used scans and bits of some collages, and put them together on paper before scanning them to get the final fabric design.  I hope everyone else will like it too!  I'll take a photo of some of the actual fabric to post later this week.

7 thoughts on “Please Go Vote For Me On Spoonflower!

  1. Hi Joyce! I voted for you, and would have chosen your fabric even I wasn’t asked to! Is it FAB! Are you going to Art & Soul in Hampton ’09? I will be there, so I hope so!

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