Everyone Should Have An Auntie Gail

Really, if you don't have an Auntie Gail, you want one!  Ollie got socks in the mail from her yesterday and he is overjoyed.


Very boyish, very soft.  He was in love from the minute we opened the package.  Her sister, Ollie's Auntie Ann, knits too and has just started blogging.  If you want to see some Kaffe Fasset and other amazing knitting, you need to go and look!

Thank you Auntie Gail!  You made Ollie's weekend!

We got a little bit more knitting in this week than usual, starting with inaguration day.

I finished off my 5×5 scarf.  I've got a picture of it blocking, and need to take one of it on — I've worn it all week.


Ellie begged some of my silk/cashmere yarn off of me to start a little lovey for a friend's baby, and she sat in front of the fire knitting all day.


I'm close to finished with a couple of baby sweaters that were languishing for a bit of final details, and hope to get the finished up this week and pick back up with my Manos Shrug.

3 thoughts on “Everyone Should Have An Auntie Gail

  1. I love the 5×5 scarf…is there a pattern for it? I’m not familiar with it, and it looks perfect for my sister (I’m thinking in the cherry sundae merino that I have). I told her I would do a scarf and fingerless mitts for her.
    Ollie and his socks are cute. I can’t wait until my girls are old enough to knit…but then I guess I’ll have to share my yarn with them!

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