The newest yarn I've been dyeing is called Inca.  It's a blend of Silk, Alpaca, and Merino.  I had been searching for just the right Alpaca yarn — I love it's sheen and it's softness, but, in the deep south, an aran weight Alpaca can be too warm for wear most of the year.  Then I stumbled upon this blend.  It's soft, it has the most incredible sheen, and it's nice and warm without being too warm.  So I fell in love.


Forgive the washed out, early in the morning pictures.  I just had to share this yarn with you.  Yarn love.

I haven't decided what to knit with it yet.  I think it would be divine for a Clapotis (I've had that pattern back on my brain again lately). It would make a wonderful vest, especially in a sort of subdued palette, I'm thinking maybe something with gray and pewter and brown.  And scarves.  Ellie, who has a thing about gauntlets, thought gauntlets.  I'm completely undecided, but the possibilities are wonderful.

Here are some up close pictures of the colorways.








Guppy Creek

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  1. Purty! We went to an alpaca farm a few weeks ago. I still can’t figure out what to do with the yarn I bought from Pedro, Minerva and Latte.

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