Days We Love

There are days we love in our house but, speaking as a knitter, perhaps none more than Superbowl Sunday.  The Judge usually (this year was an exception) spends the weekend making gumbo and then hangs out with his running buddies for the game. 

This leaves me free to make lots of silly food for the kids (we had stuffed cabbage rolls and rice pudding for dinner), watch the game in relative peace, and K-N-I-T.  Without interruption.  It's always incredible.


One frou-frou gauntlet: finished!

I'm particularly pleased with the contrast reverse stockinette rows that sort of "pouf" out and the tiny vintage mother of purl buttons I've sewn on as an accent there.

The ribbon is temporary — I want to dye some just for the gauntlets next weekend.  If you look closely, you will see that I also did an earlier eyelet row, but I think one is enough, so I will either do some clever coverage (I only did two eyelets in that row, thinking it would be a sort of mini-bow thang) or frog it back down and reknit.

I was a bit worried about the gauntlet staying on at the top, so after the eyelet row, I ribbed for a few rows before going into the ruffle, and it really did the trick!  It fits Ellie perfectly.

Hopefully my notes are as clear as I thought they were while I wrote down what I was doing, because I really want a pair for myself.  Ollie wants a pair too — his request is in for lime green and black, with skulls.

4 thoughts on “Days We Love

  1. i am absolutely in love with those!!! pls send me your notes. of course, i couldn’t even find my fingerless mits to send you a pattern as you requeested. all i can remember is k2,p2 until desired length and then sew up the sides leaving an opening for your thumb.

  2. these are really wonderful (well, the first one definitely is wonderful and I’m assuming that the second one will be equal to it). I want to see the ones you do for yourself and Ollie, too.

  3. these are darling!! so ellie. I hope you’ll share the pattern. thought of y’all tonight–completely uninspired for dinner and made ‘sticky chicken’:)
    hi to everyone from me, ron and lola!

  4. I *need* the pattern, or the jealousy around here will be terrible!
    O & T about died when they saw each other Monday. SJ & I talked about ‘some’ Friday, which T interpreted as THIS Friday. I need to work on def. plans so I can pacify him.
    I owe you art money – I’ll give it to you on the 13th when we get paid. I “accidentally” bought some yarn in AZ. LOL
    We must play when you can – Miss Betsy turns *one* on the 17th!!!!!!!

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