Longies: Finished at the Ballet

I just finished knitting a pair of small longies ( a wool cover designed to go over cloth baby diapers) — while waiting for the ballet (Cinderella) to begin. Ollie graciously displayed them for me.
These longies are knit with Elliebelly Blue Faced Leicester that I dyed in the “Sunshine” colorway. I was too impatient to wait on a pattern, so I swatched for gauge and measured. I ended up having to decrease a few stitches near the tops of the legs to get the fit right. And, although my original intention was to play around with the number of stitches to have the patterning on the waist match the legs, after watching the waist knit up and looking at the gauge swatch that was knit on the same number of stitches as the legs, I decided to let them go with the natural patterning, which seemed like rays of sunshine to me. Longies: Finished at the Ballet

2 thoughts on “Longies: Finished at the Ballet

  1. I love those! They would make anyone want to cloth diaper. Seeing those makes me want to knit up a pair of longies. Are you going to try to reproduce that colorway? I really hope so, it’s a winner! Done up on that basilik silk/wool, it would make a stunning clapotis.

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