Basilisk Silk Yarn

I've been meaning to share some pictures with you of Basilisk, a Silk/Merino yarn blend that I am particularly fond of dyeing.  In fact, it may be my favorite yarn of all time.  I've done four colorways in it recently, and it seems like whichever one I'm fondling at the moment is my favorite.

Here they are.  This first one is "Cedric."


And this is "Sunshine."


My Paintbrush colorways use multiple dye baths and handpainting to create a random colorization that makes the final knitted fabric have a feel that is reminiscent of Monet's painting.  A lot of knitters use it with linen stitch for a beautiful effect.  Every batch of skeins comes out different, so when I did some "Melted Crayon" in two batches, I got one that was somewhat brighter and bold (pictured) first and a second batch with a more traditional, impressionist feel to it.



Doesn't that yarn make you want to stop what you're doing and go start (another) Clapotis?

4 thoughts on “Basilisk Silk Yarn

  1. I hate to even ask, but will it be possible to buy any of this wonderful yarn? Mostly I am interested in the Sunshine, but all of it is incredible!

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