Saturday is for Glass

The princess and I took an art class Saturday, with my friend Jennifer, in glass fusing.

It was lots of fun and I've got cuts all over my hands to prove it!


Although Ellie's glass was much more imaginative than mine, the only picture we have is of some pieces I did using clear and dichroic glass, in hopes I can put them together as a necklace.

Joyce's glass

I LOVED the studio, Imagine.  It's around the corner from us and very wide open and friendly.  In addition to glass, there was a lot of pottery going on up there, so I think Ellie and I may become frequent visitors.

I'll share our finished glass pieces after I pick them up.

3 thoughts on “Saturday is for Glass

  1. This is my second attempt to leave a comment (sometimes I get frustrated with typepad). I look forward to seeing your finished pieces. You already have a kiln, don’t you?

  2. oh, what a fun thing for y’all to do together. will you please write a book so I can someday be as cool a mom?

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