Inspiration Bags

The very last Elliebelly Yarn went out in the mail today.  It was the Pixie Merino I showed you earlier this week, and this:


This is "Allison's House" — the very last colorway I've dyed, and fittingly, for the very first work at home mom I ever got to know.  The colors are based on Allison's house (d'uh) and are dyed on a bulky yarn, Talia Merino, that is soft and very satisfying to knit with.

Allison is going to have a shrug from this yarn, and I can't wait to see it.


When I first started Elliebelly I would sell, perhaps, one item a week.  I hand-stamped all of my tags and enjoyed creating little pieces of art.  I decided to go back to that idea for the Pixie Merino, and ended up stamping on little muslin bags and putting the yarn info inside of them, thinking perhaps they could be filled with dried lavender and used to protect yarn from moths later on.


I hope everyone who gets one will find a good use for their inspiration bag.

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