Yarn Candy on a Sunday Afternoon

I've been limping along with one of the kid's point and shoot cameras for the last few weeks, while mine was in the shop.  It's finally back.  I'm so happy to have it, that I thought I would take a few pictures of all the yarn I haven't been able to show you lately.  I hope it provides lots of color inspiration for whatever you're doing this weekend.

This is "Kim's Blue" on Seasilk — intended to be a sweater.


I'm especially fond of "Kaleidoscope" — here on Blue Faced Leicester, because of its run through a full rainbow spectrum of colors.


And this is "Honey Flower."


And "Oliver," a colorway many of you have seen before, that was inspired by my youngest child, who loves these colors together.


The last picture I have for you on Blue Faced Leicester is a Paintbrush Colorway, "Bronwyn," which I am particularly in love with because of the subtle color changes.


I've been dyeing some Inca, a blend of Silk, Alpaca, and Merino.  Inca is one of those yarns that is so pretty when it's dyed that you're tempted to put a big basket of it out on a table. 


Last but not least is some "Crayon" on Silk Mojo Sock Yarn. 


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