Back to the Barn Raising Quilt

My Barn Raising Quilt (oh the folly of knitting a blanket on size 2 needles) has been languishing for some time now.  This is due to a series of sad circumstances involving a mean stewardess, some missing stitch markers, and a charming, but wool loving, mutt.

I'm back to it, though, knitting two squares at once.

 Multi Varigated blue purple square

This quilt is probably the best use ever for leftover sock yarn.  And it's a fun knit — pretty good Olympic knitting, which is what got me started again.

The quilt is made up of 42 knitted squares, which means I will probably finish that at some point in the year 2018 at the rate I've been going.  It's meant for Ellie, so as long as I pick it up and finish before she goes off to college, I should be ok.  Fortunately, I have lots of sock leftovers and plenty of plane flights ahead of me — this is the perfect airplane project — so stay tuned for more progress.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Barn Raising Quilt

  1. I know zero about knitting. But I do love knitted things…no matter what their function. These colors
    are gorgeous and if these will be a blanket then someone
    will be cuddling in a rainbow of warmth and delight.

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