Erosion Bundle Update

It is *almost* time to take down my erosion bundles and use them for some collaborative art.  I've noticed that they been looking a little bit less perky lately, but a close inspection revealed that they have gone through a lot of erosion.


This bundle started out wrapped in denim, which has mysteriously migrated to another bundle (I'm guessing small children).  And, the box seems to have developed a crack at the top, so it ought to be pretty interesting to see what has been going on to the materials inside of it.


The canvas bundle has become the home for a rapidly growing vine, which has snaked up, underneath the string I used to hold this bundle together.  A little peek tells me that the artist's canvas that forms the body of this bundle, looks remarkably untouched.

I can't wait to take my bundles down and see what nature has given me to work with!

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