Emmaline Needs A Home

Emmaline, one of the most enjoyable patterns I have ever knit, is finished and is not a success.  Oh, the sweater is beautiful.  I love the pattern.  But, it doesn't fit.  It won't ever fit.  I've tried to convince myself, but no matter what I imagine about the saving graces of an edging of crochet, well, it's not happening.

I've decided to make all of my friends try it on until it finds a good home.  I started with Miss Princess.  Clearly, no match here.

Emmaline ellie

I accosted my next door neighbor, Dinny, who I adore, at the end of a day of gardening.  I could have easily parted with the sweater for Dinny, but sadly, again, not a good fit and not her color.

Emmaline dinny

Clearly, I'm going to have to be cagey to find a good home for poor Em.  I tried to get my friend Jennifer, also a knitter, to try her on yesterday, but she bailed out, mumbling something about the fit.  (She did take our fence-jumping stray dog off of our hands, though, so I am eternally grateful to her).  I'm still thinking maybe my Mother-in-Law, or another friend, whose color this definitely is.  I'll see some of my art friends at Art and Soul in Hampton later this month, so perhaps I'll take her along there.  It would be embarrassing to reach the point of waylaying total strangers and making them try on a sweater.  I could get there, though.

If you think Emmaline might be made for you, drop me a comment.  I knit the size medium, but I think the true fit is for a nicely endowed woman in the large/extra large range.

11 thoughts on “Emmaline Needs A Home

  1. Me! Me! Me! I wear an XL and would love a sweater like that….especially since it’s really a medium – ha ha 🙂
    And I look good in green.

  2. I am having a baby on Wed and think I just might be busty enough to fill it out- or at least try, lol. I have green eyes so green has always been one of my colors 🙂

  3. i love any shade of green, i am a fellow knitter who is a l/xl with some busty ladies 😀

  4. How generous of you! I am a large, but extra busty. I imagine it would fit well. And green works well with my eyes also!

  5. I wonder if it would fit me? I’ve been wanting I knit it, but my 10 month old Emmeline doesn’t think that is a good use of her mamma’s time. I hope you find a good home for it. It is beautiful!

  6. whoa. GORGEOUS!!! green is DEFINITELY my favorite color of all time and, well, after just having had a baby 2 months ago, the girls are quite – um – yep!!! 🙂

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