Soldering with Sally Jean

Today I soldered with Sally Jean.  I'm not in it for jewelry making like everyone else in the class.  I like making charms to include in collage and assemblage pieces.  And, it's fun. 

Bracelet closeup

Aside from popping a very hot soldering iron out of a sal block and into my hand at one point, I'm pretty much unscathed.  And, I have this charming bracelet around my arm.


The little charms are tiny collages.  It's hard to get good pictures of them individually with my IPhone, but they are sweet and make a fun charm bracelet.  I'd like to do one like this with pictures of my children.

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5 thoughts on “Soldering with Sally Jean

  1. Is this your first attempt at soldering? WOW!!! That is great. I know there are going to be some awesome charms of the kids soon. Good job, Joyce.

  2. great job! i’ve had several scurmishes with my hot iron – you think i would’ve learned. after her class i was soldering everything! probably see you at vendor night?

  3. Love it Joyce, I wish we were there this year but…..
    Law School graduation today and a lot going on for the wedding in 3 weeks. I can’t even go to the Milwaukee Bead and Button show this year. Maybe next year. It looks like you’re having a great time. Tell everyone hello!

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