Kitchen Progress


We're making some progress, slowly but surely.  Going from a deep rich burgundy colored kitchen to a pale oyster was sort of a shock.  So I'm currently auditioning turquoise and burnt orange as the colors to punk it up a little bit.

Kitchen counter

I'm really in love with the counters.  But as you can see, we ran into a little trouble with the backsplash to the stove, which has always been this big stainless steel plate.  I was going to remove it and paint, then tile over it with sea glass.

But it turns out the plate covers some big gaping holes to the outdoors, so it's got to stay in place.  I'm hoping I can find a good tile guy who can tile over it and make the gap between the bottom of the steel plate and the top of the granite look normal.


We're still working on details like utensil holders and towels.  And of course picking out the tile to cover the hideous plate of steel.

But undoubtedly the new kitchen's best feature is it's floor.  Yes, it's a fabulous tile that doesn't show dirt.  More importantly, it's a comfortable, cool resting place for a hot doggie during summer!


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