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I like art journals.  They're intimate, not competitive.  There are no time constraints.  They're personal.  These factors can work against you if you need a little push the right direction, but this year, I'm finding it to be just right.  I'm not in any swaps at the moment, but I've been working in a journal where I've given myself permission to experiment and play, even if the results aren't "art." 

Thought I would share a few fragments with y'all this week, since I haven't been knitting much.







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5 thoughts on “Art Journal

  1. These are really cool, Joyce! I never stick with journaling. Really wish I would. Actually, I did finish my travel journal for our France and Italy trip, and it’s one of my prize possessions. (I should show it to you. Remind me when you come to Atlanta.) But … day to day is another thing entirely

  2. Great art, Joyce! I have really been trying to get my art journal started. I have ordered large Fabriano paper, bought a metal yardstick to tear it with, collect ephemera and quotes and thoughts – but have yet to do any art! Thank you for the inspiration! I hope you continue to share your journal with us!

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