In the Closet (and Out of It)

First off, for those of you (I was surprisingly inundated with email, had no idea so many of you cared) who aren't on Ravelry, here is a stash example picture of how my yarn is put up in the closet.


Isn't it cool?  It really is like having my own personal yarn store.  You can see the Be Sweet, Elliebelly, Ayany/Peace Fleece, Blue Sky Alpaca, Noro, and sock yarn sections here.  Now that it's all divided up, I will undoubtedly waste some time carefully displaying each brand within its own section.

I love seeing it all so organized in the Ravelry Stash input.  Here are a couple of favorite pictures.


That's Colinette's Point Five.  Still one of my favorites!


This is some handspun Baa Baa Black Sheep did for me using the Melted Crayon roving I dyed a few weeks ago.


And this is some Lux Superchunky from Wool2dye4 that I got to knit a throw for our TV couch.  I have a mess of it!

So, inside of the closet is happy.  Outside of the closet, our new-kitchen-floor-which-has-become-a- whole-house-renovation continues.  The sad news was that our 27 year old SubZero gave up the ghost unexpectedly.  We definitely had no plans to replace it as part of this little party.  We looked for a less expensive alternative, but learned that because it was a built in, replacing it with anything else was asking for trouble on multiple fronts, including new cabinetry.  Yuck!  So here we have it.  It's big.  Don't you think it has yarn storage potential?


3 thoughts on “In the Closet (and Out of It)

  1. So, do you worry about bugs in your yarn having them in open cubbies instead of closed containers, or do you put lavender in with them? I would absolutely love to do this, especially since I turned the back part of our bedroom into my knitting/sewing room.

  2. I hope I am not living in a fantasy world, but i keep several large lavender sachets in each bin (I think you can see them in the pictures) and I religiously freeze my yarn for about a week after it arrives and before it goes to stash.  Ive never had problems, with either closed or open storage, knock on wood.  Since my studio is an enclosed space, I feel pretty good about having all the yarn in their, between the cedar and the lavender.

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