Far Away So Close Gets A Turn

Somehow, Far Away, So Close ended up in the back of my knitting closet in a bag, and wandered off my radar screen for a couple of months.  I picked it back up last week to take along on a trip and have made a good bit of progress.


I have repeats left in the garter and stockinette patterns, and then a long stretch of half linen stitch before I'll be ready to add the ruffle that runs all around it.  It's a fun pattern that weaves together a variety of different stitch patterns across a basic bat wing scarf. 

My favorite pattern repeats are the eyelet rows and the drop stitch ones.

Eyelet row

Drop stitch

Although I rarely look forward to blocking anything, with this one, I can't wait to get the stitches all firmed up and see how the colors look.  I have an old, quilted purple velvet coat from a long out of business British company, Ghost, and I'm hoping that this will look good tucked inside it on cold days.  The Blue Faced Leicester yarn is stunningly soft and non-itchy, making this the perfect scarf.

The last decision to make is about the ruffle.  Although the pattern pictures and virtually every knit up version of FASC that I've seen uses a contrasting color for the ruffle, I'm inclined to do it in the same yarn as the body of the scarf.  Let's face it — this colorway has enough going on as it is, and it doesn't need any competition.  Since I'm normally your basic black kind of girl when it comes to what I wear on a day to day basis, this scarf is going to be a huge stretch for me, but I am really looking forward to its wooly comfort while traveling up north this winter.

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