Playing Catch Up

The following things happened while I couldn't get pictures off my camera and onto my computer:

[Okay, a lot more than this happened, but frankly, you would be bored by most of it, and I'm not leaving out anything that involves yarn]

(1) I'm all done with the Faraway, So Close shawl, with the exception of the ruffle, which I hope to work on this week.


(2) I bought this great knitted pouf of a foot rest for my living room.  I liked it so much when it came that I immediately bought a second one — the kids like to perch on them, and it's almost like having two extra chairs in the room.


(3) I never knew how much I loved modern furniture until we started redoing parts of our house.  Our house is hopelessly traditional, and I mostly like it that way, but the cats did get a very cool modern bed from Hepper out of my new found love.  The cat pictured is at least five pounds overweight for this bed.  He does not care.  It is made from felt and beds don't really get any better than that.


(4) The cat who the bed, above, was intended for is forced to pose elegantly on my settee, since her evil brother won't let her near the bed.  Poor kitty.


(5) I fell seriously off the wagon and bought some yarn.  This isn't all bad as I (mostly) have purposes for it in mind.  It is bad because I really am trying to knit from stash, and I do love my stash yarn.  But,

        (a) I bought two skeins of Koigu KPPPM to add to the basket for my Barn Raising knitted quilt



        (b) I bought two skeins of Noro Silk Garden because I want to see if it will make up into a Noro Hat


        (c) And, I bought two skeins of Aslan Trends Bariloche because I had never seen it before and it         was purple.  I thought that was reason enough.


I'm hoping to find a little bit of time to finish up Far Away So Close this week, although I've suddenly realized that with 12 rows in the ruffle, at heavens knows how many hundreds of stitches in a row, it's going to be a while in the works.  I'm highly motivated though, because I want to get to work on the afghan for our living room and perhaps do a bit of holiday knitting in October.

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