A Post-Christmas Catch Up

We've had a lovely and in many ways unexpected Christmas break around here, but I wanted to share some of the fun, albeit belatedly.

We had SNOW for Christmas.


We're not talking snow man quantities or even sidewalk cover, but it was fun and beautiful and made this a special Christmas.

We always use the stockings my Aunt June knit for each of us on Christmas Eve.  I love them so much I have to put a picture of them up every year. (I'm sort of fond of the "child" too.)


We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends.


And the holiday was made complete by Hannibal, our Doberman's presence at the table.  Unlike the cats and our other dog trouble, who as mere mortals have to jump onto the table to reach the food, Hannibal is so tall that he can just saunter over and grab a bite.


I hope your holiday, however you celebrated, was as wonderful as ours.

6 thoughts on “A Post-Christmas Catch Up

  1. Hi Joyce, Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy 2011. I’m kind of bogged down with selling the house and moving,but the good news is we’ll be very near Princeton if you ever get there. Happy Holiday Hugs, Judy

  2. Hi! I was searching for BFL yarn and ended up reading someone’s blog who was talking about something she made from Elliebelly yarn and I was so excited because the yarn looked so pretty… and then when I find your website, it appears your store is closed. 🙁 If you reopen, I hope you will add me to your mailing list! Happy New Year! Deb

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