Knitting, But Not Blocking

I really need to do some blocking.  But the reality is, I'm not going to get it done anytime this week, so I'll share some knitting with you, nonetheless.

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I finished the uber-colorful Far Away So Close.  It's incredibly warm and very cheeful to put around my shoulders on our cold mornings.  I stopped somewhere between the scarf version and the full size shawl, which seems to have gotten in just right. 

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I think I'll have to knit a pair of fingerless mitts to go along with this.

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As you can tell, it's going to be a struggle to stop loving on it for long enough to block it!

I've also finished another square on Ellie's Barn Raising Quilt, which is similarly in need of blocking.  The colors are fabulous and this reminds me I need to get back on this and knit a few more squares so I can stay on target for my planned finish, some time before she graduates from high school.  Really.

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Last Import - 18


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