A Special Day, Both Knitting And Otherwise

It was a special day today.

It was the first day of school.


Grandma Claire (who is visiting) and Teddy both got haircuts.  Teddy hasn't had one in at least six months.  I had almost forgotten how handsome he is.


One fringe benefit of the start of the school year is the extraordinarily long wait in the carpool line.  It stretches down 4-5 city blocks and it can be a 20 minute wait if you are really lucky and manage to hit it just right.  Extra knitting time!  The carpool line is one of my most favorite-ist things.


I am really pleased that the sweater seems to be knitting up enough on the large side that he should be able to wear it for a couple of years.


Apparently Ollie thought the day was pretty special too.  Although he was less than happy about putting on a wool sweater in 100` heat, he seemed to enjoy himself a lot.  Maybe too much.


It's very nice to have such a appreciative little guy to knit for.

3 thoughts on “A Special Day, Both Knitting And Otherwise

  1. Your Littles are growing up so fast! They are all precious! Love the crayon-colored sweater that you’re knitting for Ollie! Hope they have a wonderful school year! Will Teddy be going back to school up north?

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