I am almost done with my Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets.  All they need is the thumb on the right hand knit up — you can see the sleeves for the thumb on the strand of white waste yarn — and some end weaving and blocking.


And, I'm almost done with my Mermaid Tail, knit from the Storm Cloud Shawlette pattern.  It doesn't look like much on the needles, but I've only got four rows left before I cast off and get to see it unfurled.


It is also ALMOST Teddy's birthday.  A birthday that makes me incredibly happy and proud.  Tomorrow Teddy turns 19, an almost unimagineable joy for us.  He is still as excited about having me bake his birthday cake as he was at 8 or 9.  I have almost accepted the fact that he is all grown up.


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