Dyeing Yarn and Seeing it Knit into Socks

Over the holidays I found a little time to dye some yarn.  Two of the skeins looked like this:

Two blues

I sent them off to Silviaol, who offers her knitting services on etsy and I promptly received back two lovely pairs of socks.  Unable to contain myself, I had to snap pictures and share them before even taking time to wash and block them properly.  It's so much fun to see new colorways knitted up.


Twoblues socks

2 thoughts on “Dyeing Yarn and Seeing it Knit into Socks

  1. The weather this year has really made me a utilitarian knitter! I had a prolific knitting month last year, but it was almost all very practical things — mittens, hats, cowls — and only one sweater. Its fun to watch the kids get dressed in the morning and to see everyone put on a different hand knit item. We are a very colorful family right now!

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