Knitting Olympics: The Aerial Unwind Event


Today I'm using my first-ever video on the blog to show you my aerial unwind event for the Ravellenic Games in progress.

The reclaimed yarn is going to another Raveler through the Aerial Unwind Torch Passing Event in the true Olympic spirit of collaboration and friendship.  I'm looking forward to watching her make something beautiful with the yarn from my unsuccesful project.

The aerial unwind lets you take a project that just isn't working out — in my case a sweater pattern I really liked and a yarn I love, which together weren't working — and frog (rip out) the project so the yarn can be reclaimed.  Whether you're participating on a Ravellenic Team or not, if you're interested in joining us for the Torch Passing Event, please check out the thread here.  It's a fun and easy way to participate in the games, even if you don't have time for a project during the Olympics.

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