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Weeks that are good for knitting include weeks with bad weather and weeks with lots of plane time on planes so small it's impossible to pull out office work without the person next to you having a full view of what you are working on.  Since this past week featured copious amounts of both of these, I've got some knitting progress to share.

First, I've finally begun a project using one of those yarns I have considered "too precious to knit with" ever since it entered my stash.  The yarn was spun for me by my cousin and I love it.  I kept it at eye level in the yarn closet and petted it alot.  This week, I cast on with it for a Storm Cloud Shawlette.  


I've knit this pattern before and loved it.  Unfortunately, my first one had an anonymous admirer who made off with it one day.  Although it can be a rather tedious pattern, working through all of the elongated garter stitch, I really loved the first one and wore it every day while I had it.  So I'm going to keep this project for waiting room and carpool line knitting and enjoy knitting with this cousin-spun yarn.

There is progress, also, on my second State Street Cowl.  This one is being knit in cashmere and will be more of a wrap than a cowl.  I'm well into the third pattern repeat.  Although four are called for, I believe I will do a fifth if my yarn holds out, so I can have a bit more warm coverage.

Cashmere cape

My friend Helen raved and raved at lunch two weeks ago about a hat she kept knitting, the Slouchy Shmeph.  There are only a few finished objects on Ravelry, but I decided to use up some leftover yarn on one, and I'm really delighted with it.  I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can start wearing it.


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