Trying out a new technique: Magic Loop

For what ever reason, in part because I like using DPNs but also because I can be something of a slacker about exploring new techniques, I have managed to avoid learning how to knit using magic loop up until now.

I was doing some cleanup in my studio this weekend and rediscovered Bev Galeskas’ booklet explaining how to use magic loop. Magic Loop lets you use a 40 inch circular needle, to completely avoid the need to have a variety of circular sizes and the need for DPNs when the knitting gets too small for the circumference of your circular.

The Bella Mitten pattern, which I wanted to start work on this week, is written using Magic Loop. When I first noticed this in the pattern, I decided I would avoid learning the new technique and just use my trusty DPNs. But finding Bev’s pamphlet in my knitting materials seemed like too much serendipity to put off learning Magic Loop any longer.

The bottom line is this: I wonder why I went so far out of my way to avoid learning how to Magic Loop. The pamphlet is clear. The technique is easy. And the results are really nice. It took about five minutes to master the process using the easy-to-follow drawings and directions.

I’m swatching the mittens’ cable pattern to get used to Magic Loop and preparing to knit the mittens. If you’ve been putting this off, delay no longer. You’ll be happy you invested the time in figuring out this simple but very approach to knitting in the round.

Trying out a new technique: Magic Loop

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