Iceland, The End of Malabrigo March, And, Of Course, Knitting

This is where I spent the last week of March.


Iceland was beautiful and our time there was everything we hoped it would be.  I will surely have more to say about that later, but in the meantime, if you are thinking about traveling there, do.

Iceland was a good place to knit because it was cold but not frigid. Average temperatures were in the 30's unless you got into wind chill.  So I finished off Malabrigo March with two hats you've seen in progress before.

This is Lutz Jump, one of the Salchow Trio of Hat patterns.

Lutz jump

And this is Fuego.  I had a hard time getting a photo of this colorway, Fuschia, that didn't bounce light back in an overbright way, but in reality this hat is just the perfect very intense pink color.  I may go ahead and add a pom pom to it now that we're back home, because it is begging to be just a bit silly.



I also finished another square for the infernal Barn Raising Quilt that I will be working on for  the rest of my natural life awhile longer.

Barn raising

I finished Fuego while we were out hiking between waterfalls and driving back to visit the Alafoss Yarn Store on the outskirts of Reyjkavik, which seemed particularly appropriate.  Who says you can't knit while wearing four layers of clothing, which is what I resored to that day for both the chill and the wet.


I was amused when I saw the photo my daughter snapped of me knitting between waterfalls to notice I was wearing my Douglas Fir Hat and my Simple Cowl (this was one of the colder days), while knitting Fuego.  A perfect ending to Malabrigo March.

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