Citron: All Over But The Shouting

This is Citron. And it’s almost done!

All that I have left is the cast off. At 500+ stitches, that’s probably going to be a long hard slog. But, my Citron looks like a beautiful, big slice of Meyer Lemon. It has that deep, rich, yellow color and it’s incredibly soft.

I can’t pretend this pattern is the most exciting knit around, but I understand why it is so popular. The result is beautiful. I suspect it would be pretty no matter what yarn you used, but the gently variegated color way and the cloud of cashmere and silk on my needles is perfect for Citron.

Typically, you wouldn’t think this was a great project to finish in the middle of summer in the Deep South. However, since every restaurant and grocery store down here cranks its air conditioning to sub-arctic temperatures at this time of year, I think Citron has some summer potential. I’ll let you know how that works out once I get past the cast off.

Citron: All Over But The Shouting

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