Knit It Now: Stephen West’s Honegart Hat

This is my favorite hat of all time, possibly my favorite knitting project of all time.


I made it back in 2011, but it was a rush job as cold weather set in for a child who was going to school up North, and I didn't get decent pictures at the time.  Thankfully, the child returned, and with him the hat.  I pulled it out with some other winter things this morning and remembered what a brillant pattern and fun knit it was, and wanted to share it with you all.


This hat is knit in two different sections, which gives you endless possibilities — solids, variegated yarns, you name it.  I dyed Elliebelly Alpaca & Merino just for this project.  The honeycomb portion of the hat is so much fun to knit that I pulled over at a farmstand on the way back from the beach, and knit much of it while eating fresh peach ice cream and watching the tourists.  I couldn't wait to finish it.


This hat is at the top of my "must knit it again" list and I recommend you try it if you are looking for something a little bit frisky but well within the capabilities of a advanced beginning knitter with a couple of projects under your belt.  (I mean that in the realistic sense — not in the way some well-meaning experienced knitters who have forgotten what it's like to be knew to sticks and twine will tell you the lace shawl is "really easy" or the heavily cabled pattern is fine for a new knitter).  Like all of Stephen West's design, it is slightly edgy but imminently practical.  And, it's really warm.  Return of the Polar Vortex, anyone?

2 thoughts on “Knit It Now: Stephen West’s Honegart Hat

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I think my boys would love that hat and you have reminded me that it’s time I get to knitting new winter hats for them before its too late…lol!

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