What I’ve Been Dyeing

This post is just eye candy, pure and simple.


I've been doing some dyeing, and thought you all might like to see it.  For the most part, I've been doing two- skein sets so I can do a hat and mittens for my children who seem to shamelessly lose their hats and mittens every year who adore and cherish everything I knit for them.


I've been wanting color, like this Blue Faced Leicester, perhaps because our later summer garden is a riot of color and it's infectious.


Although most of it is for the kids, this more muted bit is for me.  It's dk weight cashmere that I've dyed up — some of it is reskeined and some not but it's all the same, and I intend to make something wonderful with it, perhaps a long scarf to wrap around my neck this winter, or a shawl.  This is the time of year when weekend soccer games give me lots of extra knitting time, so I'm glad to have all of this ready to be knit up!

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