How Long Does It Take To Knit A Sweater?

If you're me, it apparently takes six and one-half months to knit a sweater that fits perfectly and is exactly what you hoped for.  Here it is, my Vodka Lemonade, knit from the Plucky Knitter's Crew (merino/cotton blend) in the Fiona Colorway.


I started Vodka Lemonade on December 31, 2014.  In between the time I started and finished the sweater, I've also started and finished these projects.

2015 projects

And, I finished these three projects, which were on my needles before I casted on for Vodka Lemonade.


All that to say, perhaps I should learn to focus, but I've had an awfully good time with my projects for the first half of the year!

I'm pretty sure it took me longer to knit the seed stitch collar on Vodka Lemonade than the rest of the sweater. But my favorite detail is the lace motifs.


I loved Thea Coleman's pattern and am motivated to cast on all of her things at once today. Vodka Lemonade was really that good of a knit.

It's great to know that your effort is appreciated.  It looks like I'm going to have competition for this one.


I wore my new sweater out to dinner last night, since we were having dinner with friends who appreciate my knitting, and haven't take it off since I put it back on as soon as I got out of bed this morning.  I love it!  And, I can't say enough nice things about Plucky Crew.  The cotton/merino blend yarn is lovely.  I'm delighted to have knit a sweater that's a keeper!

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