A Basketful of Quilt Squares (Knitted)

Although this behavior is frowned up in my family, I finished up the last quilt square for my Barn Raising Quilt at dinner yesterday.  Over Pho.  I waited to pull it out until the meal was over and we were drinking bubble tea while waiting for the check.  Still, this is considered slightly bad manners in my family.  But I was so excited, after years and years of knitting one of these squares here and there, to finish up the last one.

Now, I have a lovely basket full of quilt squares, waiting to be edged and sewn together.

They look pretty all laid out, but I need to spend some time putting together a nice variation of color and hue, to make sure it all works.  Some time ago, I purchased some black skeins to use for edging/sewing, but as I look at the squares, I think that may be too dark.  I'm going to try either a dove gray or something in a buff range.

Squares laidout

Evil Kitty Dingus REALLY likes knitting.  He likes everything about it — we've never had a cat quite as attentive to the whole process as he is.  He sits in my lap and quietly lulls me into the belief that he is not a threat before striking mid-stitch.  He was delighted to come across some leftovers tucked into this basket, but a lot less happy when he realized I was onto him.  I'm going to have to knit a few yarny toys for him this weekend.



3 thoughts on “A Basketful of Quilt Squares (Knitted)

  1. This looks awesome 🙂 I’m just starting one of these myself, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold the course long enough to make the whole thing in the barn-raising pattern.
    Also – WHAT is that gorgeous yarn on the bottom left in the third picture?

  2. Thank you! It really would be a very manageable project if you decided to focus on it. Since I had some years where I only did a couple of squares all year, it dragged on. And, I decided at some point to give myself forgiveness for not doing a full-size quilt and making more of a lap blanket she could carry around with her.
    If I had it to do over, I believe I would knit the squares from worsted weight yarn to end up with a bigger quilt.
    The bottom left yarn is something I dyed myself. I used to dye yarn under the business name Elliebelly, but have been away from it for several years due to other work commitments. There is still an Elliebelly Ravelry group and you can often find folks there willing to destash yarn. The colorway is called Crayon.

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